Leicht Park

Leicht Park is located on the west side of the Fox River, north of Dousman Street at the end of the Main Street bridge. It is across across Dousman Street from the Neville Museum and the Veterans' Parkway. It is designed to be a "festival" park, a location for civic celebrations.

[+] Zachary Taylor is memorialized due to a brief assignment commanding Fort Howard, as described in the monument's text.
[+] The park is approximately at the site of Fort St. Francis, Fort Edward Augustus, and most prominently Fort Howard, 1816-1852, as described on the nearby monument's tablet.
[+] A crowd gathers at one of many festivals in 2010.
[+] People fishing from the boat docks in the Fox River.
[+] Performers on stage, seen from Dousman Street (at the end of the Main Street bridge).
Contruction of the facilities occurred in 2005.
construction flags
[+] Flags of nations with links to Green Bay's history are flown along the riverfront.
crowd with depot
[+] Festival goers in 2010.

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