Joannes Park

[+] Joannes Park is one of the oldest and best-known of Green Bay's parks.
new pool
[+] The new 'Joannes Family Aquatic Center' was built on the north side of the park, near East High School (with which it shares parking).
[ Alternate view]
shelter house
[+] The park is located on Baird Street running south from Walnut.
new pool
[+] The Aquatic Center entrance.
[+] A playground for younger children.
sk8 park
[+] A playground for older children.
sk8 park sign [+] Skate park rules skaters The skateboard area was constructed in the old pool on the south end of the park.
baseball This view of Joannes Park is from the bridge over Baird Creek. The northeast corner of Joannes Park intersects the East River and Baird Creek trails. Behind the trees lies the baseball stadium; the aquatic center is visible in the background.

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