Wequiock Falls County Park

[+] The park is entered at the corner of Bay Settlement Road and Van Lanen Road.
[+] The waterfall is the key attraction of the site. The stream falls down the Niagra Escarpment on its way into Green Bay.
[+] The park is home to the Nicolet Memorial. (It was moved here from its original location farther north along on highway 57 when the highway was reconstructed again.)
[+] Looking over the falls and between the cliffs, from the old road bridge to the culvert under the newer Bay Settlement Road.
inside view
[+] The waterfall and stream as seen from inside the culvert under Bay Settlement Road. The old bridge is visible over the falls.
warning sign
[+] Hazards abound in the little park because of the erosion by the little stream.
[+] The stairway and observation platform over the culvert.
[+] The view from the overlook platform.
[+] The stairway down from Bay Settlement Road.
picnic area
[+] A scenic fence separates the cliffs from the picnic areas.
[+] Seepage from between the rock strata is visible when there is enough ground water.
bay view
[+] The view of Green Bay from the parking lot.

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