History of Green Bay's Parks

Tank Park

Early History

Tank Park was platted as blocks 48 and 54 of C.L.A. Tank's Fifth Addition to Fort Howard, bounded by Third Street, Greenwood Avenue, Fifth Street, and Tenth Avenue. On July 11, 1891, Madame Tank formally deeded the park also including Ninth [Norwood] Avenue running between said two blocks to the City of Fort Howard, upon the express Condition that the above described premises shall and will never be used for any other purpose than Public (or City) Park and that the City of Fort Howard shall and will at all times keep the same improved, plant shade trees, and keep the same properly fenced. 1 2

The park was called Union Park until the Tank Cottage was moved to Union Park, which was then renamed Tank Park 3 (The name Union Park was used in the telephone directory listing for Tank Cottage as late as 1960. 4)

Tank Cottage

The Roi-Porlier-Tank Cottage was built in 1776 by that French-Canadian fur trader, Joseph Le Roi 20 on the west bank of the Fox River near the end of Eighth Street. 5 Tank cottage was to be torn down but the South Side Improvement Association had it moved to save it; the building moved in 1908 to Union (Tank) Park 6 where it was installed along Fifth Street at the corner of Tenth Avenue. 21

Tank Cottage was operated as a museum and the park served as the museum grounds. One member of the cottage's board wrote, Madame Tank … had the grounds landscaped and the roads laid out by Eastern landscape gardeners. Visitors enjoyed driving over the shady tree-lined roads to the Cottage entrance. 7 But times change and parks must adapt. By 1960, a number of boys were driving at a high rate of speed in Tank Park on the road which was originally made for pedestrians and those riding in horse-drawn carriages. To eliminate the present day hot rodders from causing an unreasonable amount of abuse, the roads through the park were blocked off. 8 The museum continued to operate in the Cottage and at least one historical drama was enacted there. 9

Beginning in the mid-1960s, plans took shape to create a central location for those many historic buildings which, like Tank Cottage, were no longer at their original, historic locations. This idea developed into Heritage Hill State Historical Park 10 and the house was moved to Heritage Hill in 1975 11 12 going up the river on a barge.

Park Development

In addition to the shade trees and paths, a wading pool was constructed in 1948 13, an octagonal, gazebo-style shelter was built, and public toilet facilities provided. 22 In 1972, a unpaved temporary walk was added, winding across the north side along Third Street. 23

After Tank Cottage was moved, Tank Park was redeveloped into its current form. In 1978, Inner City West Concerned Parents suggested closing Greenwood Avenue between the park and Tank School for child safety and ball game parking. 14 The city council agreed, creating a single large block which is shared between the park and the school. 15

An overall redevelopment plan was initiated in 1979. 16 For the first construction season, the park board determined that funds would only allow us to build a new shelter/rest-room building, remove and fill in vacated Greenwood Avenue, and perhaps do some additional work for both the parking lot and play area. 17 In the early 1980s, the planned tennis courts were built on the former location of Tank Cottage; this required the contractor to remove [the] stone wall which had set off the cottage and its garden. 24

With the support of the community organization CO-CARE, neighborhood parents campaigned for additional playground equipment for our children. They asked that the park department request $4,000 in the 1981 city budget and promised, The parents and children of the area will attempt to raise $2,000 to add to this budgetary request. 25 A donation of $1,580 was given in 1981 by the Jaycees at the request of Tina Milhiser of CO-CARE … for the purchase of equipment at the Tank Park playground. 26

In 1986 an alderman requested the park department to consider improving a cinder sidewalk in the Park so that it can be used in all seasons, 18 referring to the temporary walkway from 1972. The city forester was concerned that construction would cause extensive damage to the park's trees, but the county extension agent disagreed, arguing that the trees at issue were already dying due to stress from a high water table. 19

Continuing improvement

In the years since, the park has seen continued maintenance and improvements. In 1996, the circular wading pool was reconstructed. 27 The basketball court was rebuilt in 2004 28 and the playground was improved in 1995 29 and again, benefiting from an NFL grant, in 2010. 30

The most visible improvement may have been the repair and reconstruction in 2008 and 2009 of the distinctive open shelter. As part of this project, a cupola with railing was added to the top of the structure. In addition, the contractor was asked to waterblast underside of roof, … strip and refinish wood trim, … strip and paint concrete trim and other tasks. Because of the age of the structure, thousands of dollars worth of lead paint testing and abatement were included. 31


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Only annotated statements have been verified. Any other historical statements are unverified and based on personal knowledge or informal notes kept by the Green Bay Parks, Recreation & Forestry Department.
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