Nicolet Landing: Red Banks

[+] The park stands above the location where Jean Nicolet was thought to have landed in 1634. Before the land was donated to the historical society, this marker stood on the side of the Benderville Road.
[+] Nicolet Landing is a non-government park owned by the Brown County Historical Society. It is located on Benderville Road on the east shore of Green Bay, at Red Banks. (Benderville Road is an old alignment of Nicolet Drive, Country Trunk Highway A.)
[+] A gazebo protects the original historical marker which dates from 1909.
new marker
[+] An interpretive marker was added to more fully explain the significance of this site.
  • Champlain Left panel: Samuel de Champlain, Governor of New France
  • Champlain Center panel: commemorative stamp
  • Champlain Right panel: Jean Nicolet, explorer and ambassador
[+] The shoreline below is under separate ownership and is not a part of the park.

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