Perkins Park

[+] Children and youth on the play equipment.
Perkins Park is a large park located on Green Bay's west side extending from Military Avenue to Fisk Street along Bond Street and turns north for several blocks behind Locust Street. It features softball and baseball diamonds, basketball, tennis courts, hockey rink, disc golf, playground, and woodland.
[+] Kids team softball on the southwestern diamone. Perkins Park has several diamonds for both baseball and softball.
[+] The picnic area and open shelter are located in a heavily wooded section.
disc golf
[+] A disc golf course is laid out through the woods east and north of the picnic area.
[+] This monument at Military Avenue and Bond Street commemorates Edward J. Perkins, the president of the Board of Park Commissioners for whom the park is named.
[+] Shooting hoops on the basketball court.

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