Pamperin Park

suspension bridge
[+] The distinctive suspension bridge crosses Duck Creek.

Pamperin Park is located along Duck Creek within the Village of Howard. The entrance, which was originally on the main highway heading west, has been well hidden by road improvements; a visitor must now turn west off Memorial Drive just north of State Trunk Highway 29 and follow several local streets.

In addition to public play and recreation, the park includes a pavillion building suitable for banquets and an outdoor gazebo area.

[+] The playground was created by the neighborhood after residential development reached the park.
pavillion interior
[+] Main dining room in the pavillion being prepared for a weekend banquet.
[+] Second dining room in the pavillion
[+] This fountain on the bank of Duck Creek memorializes Ella Hoes Neville.
Pamerin portraits
[+] These portraits of T.A. Pamperin and Nellie Pamperin hang inside the pavillion building.
gazebo area
[+] The gazebo area is for rentals only.
entrance road
[+] The main entrance road runs from Old Shawano Avenue along Duck Creek and under the new highway.
entrance marker
[+] The entrance was marked with a series of pillars inscribed T. A. Pamperin Park.
ford over creek
[+] Into the 1950s it was possible to drive across Duck Creek using this ford. This route was an extension of Howard's Memorial Drive on the way to Oneida.

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