History of Green Bay's Parks

Murphy Park

Founding the Park

In 1931, the city puchased about 15 acres for a park west of Military Avenue and south of Dousman Street at a total price of $3499.02. 1 After deducting sidewalks and roadway improvements, the park now contains 13.8 acres. 2 The park was named for Frank E. Murphy 3 because he donated $500 to put up a stone fence along Military Avenue with stone brought from Dyckesville. 4

Drinking water was an early improvement to the park 5 and restrooms were added in 1951. 6 Through the 1950s, plans were based on an assumption that development to the west of the park would be largely residential. 7 The mix of institutional and commercial development which actually took place was initiated by the relocation of St. Mary's Hospital in 1960 8 and sealed later in the same decade by the construction of the ASPIRO center next to the park along Dousman Street. 9

Middle 20th Century

By the end of the 1960s, development in the area around the park was in full spate and a comprehensive plan for the park was created which included a Shelter Room Addition expanding the toilet facility to create a true shelter house, a proposed wading pool, a second softball field east of the original, and a proposed basketball court near the expanded shelter house; the plan also makes note of the Natural Bowl among the pines in the southwest corner of the park. 10 The shelter house expansion was approved in 1969 for construction the following year. 11

Dear Walter —

This letter is to plea for holding on stubbornly to all of our park lands and not allowing them to be eroded away by a request here and one there for various seemingly worthwhile projects — nothing will ever replace them and they certainly can go — for example – Legion Park downtown – gone for Post Office — slice of River Parkway for Newman Center, Cook[e] Park for Museum — these are irretrievable and only your board can save further park disappearance — and our beautiful parks do make our city a great place to live — Please hold on to Murphy Park! as is! 21

During this time there were renewed attempts to obtain access to the park from Shawano Avenue. 12 Despite efforts over several years, All these previous discussions have ended up in frustration inasmuch as easements could not be obtained over private property. 13

A proposal by the school district would have placed an elementary school within the park boundaries; there was opposition on the part of the park board, including concerns about protecting the exceptional woodland and questions about a location so close to the existing Chappell School, but the request was referred to the Plan Commission for further study. 20 There was significant public opposition as well, including the letter transcribed here 21 and a petition referred to by the Plan Commission. The Plan Commission analyzed several sites for the school, then recommended that the study be referred, with the associated petition against a school in Murphy Park, to the Board of Education and Park and Recreation Board. 22 The park board continued their opposition to using the park 23 and the school was eventually built on Bond Street. 24

Recent Improvements

In 1976 a petition for tennis courts in Murphy Park was submitted with the names of 100 park neighbors. 14 It took a few more years, but tennis courts were built in the early 1980s. 15

In the early 1990s the playground was rebuilt with modern play equipment at a total project cost over $30,000. 16 A renovation of the shelter house improved accessibility to the restrooms. 17

The Park Committee approved the concept of working with community groups to improve ball fields in Colburn, Murphy, and Perkins parks. 18 This led to the installation of a scoreboard for one softball field in the fall of 2008. 19


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The site preferred by the planners was part of the St. Mary's Hospital property (as that was near the center of the area to be served). Other sites included the land which later became Badger Park, adding to Chappell School, and land at Dousman and Taylor Streets.
23 Missing.
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Only annotated statements have been verified. Any other historical statements are unverified and based on personal knowledge or informal notes kept by the Green Bay Parks, Recreation & Forestry Department.
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