History of Green Bay's Parks

John Muir Park

August 1968, a petition was presented to the Common Council requesting that property be purchased for a park site at the southwest corner of Biemeret and Wiesner Streets on the far west side. This was referred to the Board of Park Commissioners who approved this acquisition of a remnant from Highway 41 improvement construction, and funding was approved in 1969. Matching funds were received through the DNR Metro Aids Program to purchase this property.

Four sixth grade classes in the public school system submitted "John Muir Park" in the naming contest, which was the first time a naming policy was used cooperatively with the Board of Education.

After several delays in satisfying requirements of the DNR, a matching grant was approved for development of the park in October of 1972. This would include site preparation, a combination shelter/toilet, warming building, parking, ball fields, basketball courts, play equipment and landscaping.

1974 - An application and plans were submitted to the DNR for tennis courts, and the entire development project was finally completed in 1975. The City received $73,434.55 from LAWCON.


  1. Only annotated statements have been verified. Any other historical statements are unverified and based on personal knowledge or informal notes kept by the Green Bay Parks, Recreation & Forestry Department.
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