Lost Dauphin Park

[+] Lost Dauphin Park is located on Lost Dauphin Road along the Fox River in Lawrence. It lies within the site of Eleazer Williams' homestead.
road up hill
[+] The old park road to the top of the hill, 2005.
[+] Until the 1970s, this was a state park and contained the actual Williams house. After the state park was closed due to budget constraints, the cabin burned.
historical marker Williams most was almost certainly not the crown prince of France, despite numerous provocative coincidences. He was instrumental in bringing the Oneida community to Wisconsin. sognbird sign
[+] Songbird identification posters.
Williams picked one of the most beautiful spots on the Fox River for his house. (It was originally located on the river bank at a spot inundated when the De Pere dam was constructed.) He did not choose to settle within the area reserved for the Oneida Nation. flowers
[+] Turk's cap lilies in the woods.

[+] View from the park shelter, 2005.

[+] View over the Fox River.
[+] View from the cabin, 1957.
[+] Playing in the cabin, 1957.
corner where marker is today
[+] View from the fence near where the marker is located today.

[+] Rear approach to the park.

[+] Rear entrance sign


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