History of Green Bay's Parks

Kennedy Park

This park site was purchased in December 1963 before the consolidation with Green Bay. It contains a little over seven acres and was undeveloped at the time of consolidation.

1967 - Development started.

1970 - A shelter was constructed and some additional play equipment was installed.


John F. Kennedy Park was part of the Town of Preble. When the town consolidated with Green Bay in July of 1965. the undeveloped park land – until then known as Eastman Park – consisted of 7.016 acres. 1 The town had purchased about 6 acres from the Catholic Diocese in 1963 for $10,800. 2 A report of the parks being transferred to Green Bay noted that the north 33 feet … is being used for … Eastman Avenue and a water well site [is] located within the boundaries. 3


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Only annotated statements have been verified. Any other historical statements are unverified and based on personal knowledge or informal notes kept by the Green Bay Parks, Recreation & Forestry Department.
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