Brown County Historic Sites

Green Bay, west side Fox River
Fort Howard

Site Monument Text Location
Menominee village [+] marker

18th century, Old King village of Cha·ka·cho·kama, grandfather of noted Menominee chiefs, Oshkosh and Tomah, was located on this tract extending three blocks south. Chief Tomah, representing his grandfather, went forth to confer with officers on the first landing of American troops on August 7, 1816.

Erected by Jean Nicolet Chapter, D.A.R.

Walnut Street (north) face of office building at southeast corner of Walnut Street and the C&NW railroad, now Canadian National, which runs with Pearl Street
[+] setting
This building was originally a car dealership. (Note the automobile cornice work at the second floor, originally the top floor, and the large show windows on the first floor, which are now bricked in.) Later it housed the corporate offices of Northwest Engineering, a ship and crane manufacturer.
Fort Howard [+]marker

853 degrees north 45 degrees, 7 minutes east, from this tablet, stands a flag pole, marking the southeast corner of the stockade of Fort Howard; occupied by United States troops August 1816, and almost continuously until 1852. On this site also stood the French fort, St. Francis, built prior to 1718, and rebuilt by the British in 1761, as Fort Edward Augustus.

Erected by the Green Bay Historical Society.

Along Dousman Street just east of the Canadian National rail tracks (originally the Chicago & North Western) at the far southwestern corner of Leicht Park.
(All of the Fort Howard buildings were removed from the original site of the fort. Several eventually were installed at Heritage Hill State Historical Park.)
[+]Ft Howard

Zachary Taylor

"Old Rough and Ready"

Major Zachary Taylor served as commandant of Fort Howard for nearly three years, arriving in the spring of 1817 with 500 men of the fifth United States Infantry.

He would become the twelfth president of the United States on the fifth of March, 1849 and die in office on the ninth of July, 1850.

McCartney School [+]marker Class 03 McCartney School was located on South Ashland Avenue between School Place and the First Presbyterian Church (which is on the corner with Howard Street).
Green Bay and Western Railroad [+]marker

Frank B. Seymour
City Park

The Green Bay and Western Railway forms the boundary west and south of this park. It was this railway which Frank B. Seymour served for 64 years, rising from water boy to president. In his long and unusual career he brought distinction to his industry and his city. He provided leadership in the move to convert an unsightly slough into this useful public property and contributed substantially to the improvement.

Dedicated July 16, 1936.

This marker is located on South Ashland Avenue within the boundaries of Seymour Park, north and east of the GB&W switching yard, roundhouse, and shops.
The monument sits about where the main channel of the slough once flowed.
2,000,000 square yards of concrete streets [+]marker

Site of the 2 millionth square yard of concrete street paving in Green Bay
Placed October 1968


This marker is embedded in Dousman Street in the rightmost eastbound traffic lane, west of Military Avenue and directly in front of Murphy Park.
[alt] view of street lanes
[alt] view of street and curb

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