Fox River Greenway

Northern Sections

The Fox River Greenway extends southward from the mouth of the East River and the East River greenway.
Main Street
[+] Passing under the Main Street Bridge,
City Deck
[+] it connects with the City Deck, a public event space along the river.
[+] In addition to being an event venue, this portion of the trail includes dockage.
Shopko Landing
[+] There is also space to display public artworks such as this otter (by Molly Johnson) …
Au Naturel by Molly Johnson
[+] and this flowers with butterfly sculpture (by Jeff Bensen).
Sweet Treat by Jeff Bensen
Walnut Street Bridge
The trail tunnels under the Walnut Street Bridge. The tunnel was decorated with fish sculpture which include motion-sensing colored lights. Walnut Street
Walnut Street
Sculpture Walk
scupture walk sign Between Doty Street and Crooks Street, the greenway features permanent sculpture celebrating the city and the river. [+] The Public Sculpture Walk celebrates the
historical nature and natural beauty of the
Fox River as it flows through Green Bay. These
works reflect historical, cultural or manmade
elements and the vitality of the Fox River and the
inhabitants of our community.
today poem
[+] The Fox river is personified in this 2-stanza poem …
fish and water plant
[+] This paired sculpture celebrates the animal …
water plant
… and plant life of the old and renewed waterway. [+]
yesterday poem
[+] … which is set along the pathway.
Dancing With Light
[+] Dancing With Light
Jeff Benson and Jim Enloe
Life of the River 2007
Renewal [+]
[+] Renewal
Carrie Fonder
Life of the River 2007
Renewal [+]
giant bird
[+] A giant shore bird grazes near the end of Stuart Street.
bird's head [+] bird's head [+]
House of Feather and Stone
[+] My House of Feather and Stone
Richard Taylor
A public arts project of newarts dedicated 2005
city map
[+] Sculpture of the city map, with the river visible between the east and west sides of the city.
city map [+] Image with map visible
stone carving
[+] Stone sculpture near Johnson Bank
colored fishes
[+] Color-changing fish installation just north of Crooks Street.
Flatley Park Area
people walking
[+] People walking the pathway near Crooks Street, between the sculpture walk and Flatley Park.
South of the sculpture walk, the greenway passes through Flatley Park. geese walking
[+] Geese walking the pathway near Crooks Street.
South of Flatley Park
[+] South of Flatley Park, the greenway continues along the bank of the river past the historic Milwaukee Road depot.
beside Mason St
[+] At the Mason Street bridge, the trail curves sinuously inland, anticipating the curve of the river, …
beside Mason St
[+] … before passing under the bridge.
public pier
[+] A high pier was built over the river on the former Milwaukee Road rail bridge. The old swing span is visible in midriver.
canoe sculpture
[+] A sculptural installation evoking 3 canoes stands beside the trail which leads up to the pier.
southermost greenway
[+] At this point, the greenway connects with the Fox River State Recreational Trail forming a continuous route south to Calumet County.

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