Brown County Fair Grounds

minature horse
[+] Miniature horse in stall.
south barn
[+] The Brown County Fair Grounds are located between Fort Howard Avenue and the Fox River at the north edge of west De Pere. The grounds are used for camping and a variety of events and festvals in addition to the eponymous county fair.
[+] Grooming of cattle for showing.
[+] Goats.
[+] Sow with piglets.
rabbit judging
[+] Rabbit exhibitors at the rabbit judging.
[+] These tigers were one of several shows, bands, and exhibitions which add excitement to fair week.
Buster the horse
[+] Signs and pictures about the animal and family are typical of many exhibitors.
girl sweeping
[+] Sweeping up is only one of many chores for the animal exhibitors.
girl sweeping
[+] Bantam cock.
girl sweeping
[+] One of the young poultry exhibtors in the [+] poultry barn.
poultry barn
kids with horse
[+] Only a few of the animals allow petting. (Horses bite.)
guess your weight
[+] The midway at the county fair is conveniently located about midway through the park.
[+] One of the rides on the midway.
[+] Youth projects cover a wide range of activities; here, some of the photography entries.
[+] A small portion of the flowers exhibited.
[+] Some of the vegetable entries.
show horse barn
[+] Show horse barn at the far north side.
horse walking
[+] Horse walking toward the show ring.
horses at ring
[+] Entering the horse ring.
horse in ring
[+] Horse in the show ring.
boat launch sign
[+] Although operated by the City of De Pere …
boat launch
[+] the De Pere boat launch is contiguous with the county fairgrounds.
caretaker house
[+] Fairground manager house.

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