History of Green Bay's Parks

Eighth Street Park

A petition was received from residents to have an ice rink flooded in a vacant lot for neighborhood use.

1950 - Some property in the area of Eighth Street between S. Maple and Chestnut Streets was turned over to the City for non-payment of taxes and was to be used as a future industrial park.

1951 - The Councilman of that ward requested playground equipment.

1958 - A request was made for a horseshoe pit and other facilities.

1960 - An additional parcel was purchased from M. E. and Henry Davis.

1964 - A supervised playground program was started. A bubbler was installed and water was piped from residents living at 1122 Chestnut St. An easement was drawn up by the City Attorney, and the City paid the water bill.

1968 - The City advertised for bids for a comfort shelter, but they came in too high for approval.

1972-74 - Another lot with an old house was purchased and building was demolished. A prefab shelter was put up by the Army Reserves.

1984-85 - Council put $200,000 in the bond issue to expand the Eighth Street Park by purchasing all the parcels along S. Chestnut Street. In 1985, Parcels 1-841-C and 1-844 (6 acres) were purchased for $25,000 plus $2,344.08 in delinquent taxes and $500 in moving expenses. In 1986, seven more parcels were purchased for a total of $104,450. In 1990, Parcel 1-838 (50 x 99.7) was acquired from Mr. Tevebaugh as the last addition to Eighth Street Park for $26,200.

2007 - The Park Committee approved a property exchange of a portion of the Eighth Street Park for the WPS owned Broadway-Arndt property and the former high power line parcel on the west shore where the power lines crossed the river for a substation at the park.


  1. Only annotated statements have been verified. Any other historical statements are unverified and based on personal knowledge or informal notes kept by the Green Bay Parks, Recreation & Forestry Department.
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