History of Green Bay's Parks

Danz Park/School

Land was purchased by the Town of Preble from Leibert and Otto Danz in 1955. Leibert Danz would be allowed to remain in his home and use about one acre rent free. However, the City was given an option to purchase this property for $10,000 after four years. This was never done, and when property in Green Bay was reassessed in 1985, Mr. Danz had a problem with the increase in taxes and wanted the City to now purchase his home at the current fair market value of $54,700. The Park Department was not interested in this purchase and the City Attorney worked with the attorney for Mr. Danz and the Board of Education to affect a purchase of $47,000 by the Board of Education since they were looking for land to expand Danz School in 1990.

At one time, the Town of Preble had a tree nursery in Danz Park, but turned down a request to bond for $63,235 to develop this park.

In 1965 when Green Bay and the Town of Preble were consolidated, this park became part of the Green Bay Park System as an extension of Baird Creek Parkway.

1993 - The Northeast Kiwanis Baseball League was given permission to construct storage sheds at Danz and Oakdale ball diamonds.


Danz Park was one of the parks of the Town of Preble until the town consolidated with Green Bay in July of 1965. The park as taken over by the city contained 32.102 acres. 1 The town purchased 35.102 acres on October 20, 1955, through a land contrct for $42,000, but immediately sold three acres to the Preble-Humboldt-Bellevue school district for $6,000. 2


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Only annotated statements have been verified. Any other historical statements are unverified and based on personal knowledge or informal notes kept by the Green Bay Parks, Recreation & Forestry Department.
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