Colburn Park

picnic area
[+] The wooded southside picnic and playground area.
Colburn Park is located on the west side with boundaries touching Ninth Street, Fisk Street, Ernst Drive and Highview Terrace (off Ridge Road), and Locust Street (south from Mason Street). bocce ball
[+] A park user rakes the bocce ball court.
[+] Playground equipment is visible through the southside picnic shelter.
summer trail
[+] The trail through the park, viewing from the south part of the park toward the NW.
winter trail
The same trail in winter (seen from farther east).
north baseball
[+] Playing kickball on a northside baseball diamond.
oak woods
[+] The oak woods is characteristic of this park.
swimming pool
[+] The Colburn Park swimming pool, closed, as seen from the south.
soccer fields
[+] The soccer fields occupy a vast grassy area in the center of the park.

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