Brown County Park

[+] Brown County Park is located along Duck Creek in Hobart, just west of the city of Green Bay. (The other side of the creek is the county gold course.)
main area
[+] The park was converted to a pet exercise area, or dog park, with fenced areas for large and small dogs. The large dog exercise area allows dogs and people to get acquainted "off leash".
tree scent
[+] The park is heavily wooded and equipped with sheltered benches for the people.
Duck Creek
[+] Buddy explores a fallen tree at the edge of the creek. The water is accessible for dogs "on leash".
small stream
[+] A small stream, tributary to Duck Creek, flows through the "on leash" area.
[+] Lucy, a park visitor.
tree scent
[+] A group of dogs explore the scents left at a tree.
[+] The fenced exercise area allows dogs to run and retrieve with their families.
[+] The new park sign on the entrance lane.


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