Bay Beach Amusement Park

Bay Beach Amusement Park is located on Green Bay's east side along the shore of Green Bay. The park is adjacent to the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary monument
A veterans' memorial and flag are located on the bay shore near the center of the park.
The pavillion building dates to the early years of the amusement park and has seen many uses over its history.
roller coaster
[+] The Zippin Pippin, a reconstruction of Elvis Presley's favorite ride, was added in 2011.
blue train
[+] Two miniature trains travel the park.
red train [+]
[+] Skat is a favorite ride for middle-sized kids.
[+] The traditional merry-go-round has been a feature of Bay Beach since 1954.
evening rides
[+] Food is sold inside the pavillion building (in addition to carnival concessions sold throughout the park).
[+] Pony rides have become a fixture of the park.
big rides
[+] The swing ride and ferris wheel are at the center of the park.
[+] The ladybug ride is one of several which appeal to the smaller children.
bumper cars
bumper cars
[+] Bumper cars are often enjoyed across age spans.
wading pool
[+] Numerous picnic shelters invite families and organizations to use the facilities.
picnic shelter
[+] Small children enjoy the wading pool. (Larger people prefer the water slide in the background.)
west playground
[+] Two playground areas are provided near the picnic sites.
wading pool
[+] The view across the water to the east shore of Green Bay.


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