Baird Creek Greenway

[+] Each section of the trail has its own designation. The portion immediately west of Danz is named for George Kress.
Danz Ave
[++] The trail was developed as far east as Danz Avenue by 2007.
Construction to extend the trail further east was performed in the summer of 2010.
[+] Danz Ave
cold storage industrial zone
[+] Part of the trail winds through established industrial sections. This section is between Elizabeth and Henry Streets. The adjacent creek remains a narrow oasis for nature.
These ducks enjoy a gravel bar in the industrial section.
main st
Crossing Main Street at Elizabeth.
Grass on the bank of Baird Creek south of Main Street, close to the junction of the East River.
[+] The trail crosses the east end of Baird Creek just before the creek joins the East River.
[+] Bridge crossing the East River connects to the East River trail.

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