History of Green Bay's Parks

Badger Park

In 1974, the Green Bay Plan Commission directed that its staff evaluate the use of a public parcel located generally between Badger and Shawano Avenue and between Perkins and Taylor Street consisting of about 5.4 acres. … Alderman [Gerald] Last has inquired of its usefulness as a neighborhood park. 1 Orignally the property was purchased as a possible site for an elementary school; however, this north side school is now located on Bond Street … known as the Helen Keller School. 2 The Park Areas Committee was concerned with the small size and the proximity to Murphy and Fireman's Parks, but they were more impressed by the fact that the immediate neighborhood is landlocked by the railroad tracks on the south and a very busy Shawano Avenue to the north. Because of its landlocked nature and the fact that the Committee feels that those residents should have a park area accessible to them, the Committee recomments that all 5.4 acres be dedicated for park purposes even though this does not meet with the usual standard of 15 to 25 acres for normal neighborhood parks. 2 This position was twice affirmed by the Park Board. 3

The park was named and dedicated in 1976. 4 Playground equipment was installed in 1977 5 and an upgraded playground was built in 1995. 6

In 1990, a group of doctors sent the city a request for the purchase of a small piece of city land … a portion of which is zoned city park. The doctors argued that they had already explored all options on adjacent privately owned properties and relocation of our business and that the sale would not infringe upon the park that is currently developed since the developed portion of the park would still have a buffer of approximately 50 feet of undeveloped and heavily wooded land. 7 The city sold a 75-foot by 148-foot section of Badger Park and Christiana Street right of way for $11,000. 8 9 The portion of Christiana Street which would have extended across the back of Badger Park 10 had never been built, and in 2001, the rest of the unused right of way was divided between the park and property owners along Shawano Avenue. 11

A request was later received to sell about ½ acre to another commercial neighbor of the park. 12 While promising to evaluate any proposal that comes our way, the park department pointedly noted that we work to protect parkland, especially in underserved areas. 13 This proposed sale was not accepted.


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Only annotated statements have been verified. Any other historical statements are unverified and based on personal knowledge or informal notes kept by the Green Bay Parks, Recreation & Forestry Department.
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