History of Green Bay's Parks

Astor Place

The original plat for the community of Astor included this small triangular plot. 1 In 1869, John Jacob Astor's heirs deeded the land to the City of Green Bay. 2


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2 Transcript of quit claim deed, William B. Astor, John J. Astor [Junior], and executors of the estate of John Jacob Astor to City of Green Bay, dated December 7, 1869; Also that certain triangular piece or plot of land without designation bounded eastwardly by Adams St. Northwardly By Chicago St and Westwardly by Washington St.; Recorded in Green Bay January 8, 1870. The same deed covers Baird Place and Astor Park. PRF file, Park Areas: Astor Park.
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5 Summary of bids dated December 29, 1969; copy of report of Board of Public Works to Common Council, dated January 20, 1970, recommending That bids dated December 29, 1969, … be rejected; and that new specifications be submitted. PRF file, Park Areas: Astor Park.
6 Copy of typed summary of bids, dated February 2, 1970; hand-written note. PRF file, Park Areas: Astor Park.
7 Copy of Project Proposal form dated May 21, 1971; copy of letter from John A. Beale, Deputy Secretary, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, to Chet Miller, Director, Department of Parks & Recreation, dated June 17, 1971; copy of letter from H.E. Wirth, P.E., Director, Bureau of Environmental Health, Department of Health and Social Services, to Clifford Centen, City Clerk, approving the plans for the pools. PRF file, Park Areas: Astor Park.
For the history of ORAP, refer to Wisconsin DNR website.
8 Handwritten summary of bids, Astor & Mather Hts. Wading Pool, dated 12/4/72. PRF file, Park Areas: Astor Park.
9 Letter, Robert G. Newman, R.S., Department of Health and Social Services, to Chester Miller, Director, Green Bay Park and Recreation Department, dated September 20, 1973. PRF file, Park Areas: Astor Park.
10 Letter from Tom Vandenberg, 1114 Eliza St., to Park and Recreation Dept., dated April 23, 1969. PRF file, Park Areas: Astor Park.
11 Copy of fax from Dan Madigan to Bill Landvatter, dated December 21, 1995. PRF file, Park Areas: Astor Park.
12 The most recent tennis court reconstruction design, Final Graphics to DPW by PRF, dated April 2005; Final As Bid plan by DPW, 6/30/05; bid summary February 19, 2007. PRF file, Astor Tennis Courts — 2005 Bond.
13 The note Astor Ice Rink was attached to August 1995 site plan for park which includes the rink. PRF file, Astor Park Shelter Modification. (It is not apparent why this plan was placed in this file folder.)
14 Application for payment of $79,182.90 by Brian Henken of Northeast Asphalt, dated January 12, 2004; Proposed plans – BB, dated May 2003; bid summary dated August 5, 2003. This bonding included basketball upgrades at Colburn, Seymour, Edison, Farlin, and numerous other parks. PRF file, Astor Basketball — 2003 Bond.
15 Hand summary of quotes or equipment dated March 6, 1987; plans, specifications, and user manuals from Miracle Recreation Equipment Co. (Monett, MO). PRF file, Astor Play 87.
16 Budget, quotes, specifications, and proposals; request for quotation to Gerber Leisure Products (Madison, WI) dated March 28, 2002; specifications for Landscape Structures product marked as purchased structure and dated March 29, 2002. (The quote summary included Danz, Fort Howard, Colburn, and Marquette Parks.) PRF file, Astor Play 2002.

Only annotated statements have been verified. Any other historical statements are unverified and based on personal knowledge or informal notes kept by the Green Bay Parks, Recreation & Forestry Department.
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